Introducing UP LIVE

An Invitation to worship

We are opening our doors to you

In the true spirit of family, we've launched UP Live - a homemade streaming app that will allow you to join with us in worship from the Fifth Ave House.

Join us whenever we're live

After 7+ years gathering together each week to worship, we've finally figured out a way to share these special nights with you!

  • Stream on any device
  • Instant access to archives
  • No ads- Not one
  • 14 day Prime account trial
  • Cancel at any time
  • Get notified when we're live
  • Monthly EP for Prime accounts

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+ Exclusive Digital
EP Every Month

Our favorite moments recorded live.

Streaming into our living room

Worship with us any time we’re streaming live - and if you’re looking for previous recordings, go ProHD and get unlimited access to our library!


With a free account, you'll have acces to our weekly stream, plus any other time we're live!
14 day Prime account trial

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PrimeHD - $8/mo

Live stream + Library Access +
We'll send you a Digital EP of our favorite moments recorded live each month.

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ProHD - $5/mo

Join the live stream +
Going Pro will give you unlimited access to our library of previously recorded events

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Keep an eye out for our referral program to get a ProHD account for free!

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